We are providing a completely managed website service, so all you have to do is focus on doing business.

A great website takes hard work and there are a number of elements working in the background. Take a look at our video below about what makes a successful website.

What makes a successful website?

Depending on your pricing plan, we may be able to visit your business on a weekly basis to help your business grow, measure progress and make updates, otherwise you can simply send through an email to us with the necessary updates.


Completely Managed

We look after everything so you can get on with business. Business-grade website hosting and management is included.

Mobile Friendly

Your website is build on a responsive platform so it will adapt to any mobile phone or computer.


Secure hosting which gives you peace of mind your website will always be safe.

Consistently getting 100% uptime

The availability of your website is our top priority. We monitor your website uptime consistently.

Software Updates

Software updates to your website are included to make sure it is secure and running efficiently.


Unlimited bandwidth and storage.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Upon reaching out to us, we will call you back and discuss your project and how a website would be beneficial to your business.

  • Step 2

    We organise a meeting and brainstorming about your new website.

  • Step 3

    Building the website takes place and we get feedback from you.

  • Step 4

    We will launch your new website!


Pricing will be determined at the meeting once we understand what you require. To give you an idea, this completely managed website service usually ranges between $99 to $399 per month. Don’t be shy as we won’t know the cost until we have a meeting and discuss your objectives.

This sounds great! Let’s get started!


  • This service has an initial 1 year commitment and then will continue on a month-by-month basis.
  • Payment will be made by credit card automatically on a monthly basis.
  • This is an ongoing service which is paid on a monthly basis.
  • If we start to notice a dramatic change in the amount of content a client is sending through for us to update on the website, we may need to reevaluate the pricing. This would likely be a rare occurrence, but if it does happen, chances are the business has noticed an improvement in traffic and wants to accommodate with extra content. It is a win-win; more business for you and more business for us.
  • The source files and intellectual property remains with us as this is an ongoing subscription service.
  • A client can cancel the service after the required commitment by contacting us a few days prior to the next payment. Upon cancellation the client’s website will be removed. The client will have the option to transfer the domain name to a different service provider.