Your online presence, social media, website and brand are always evolving. We will be there directing you every step of the way. With Empowering Business you get a more tailored and consultative approach to web design and marketing. Based in North Brisbane.



Video for Boat Manufacturer 

Video for Real Estate

Business IT – Based on the business and user requirements I am able to advise and build a purpose built computer.

Video for Boat Manufacturer 

If you don’t brush your teeth for a month or even a week you won’t be too popular. The same can be said for your online presence, brand and website. Both are essential and require regular maintenance to stay healthy and fresh. In other words, don’t scare Google away with month old breath.

I will not guarantee fast top rankings for popular keywords on Google search, as this would be dishonest.

What I can offer is, hard work, on a regular basis, with expert strategic direction.

My name is Luke Moore, owner and operator of Empowering Business and I provide online solutions to bring customers to you.

I get a complete understanding of your product and service as I physically meet at your business on a regular basis. When I come to you, it saves you time as we can get straight down to business without the hassle of leaving your environment. I get all my work done on-site with you. I make all the edits to your website on-site right then and there. This saves time as you can forget about a paper trail of emails over small changes. Content, I’ve got you covered, I have done a lot of copywriting and I have the equipment to record, edit and publish a video for you on-site.

I quickly become one of your team and will be there every step of the way to seeing your business succeed.

If your interested in attracting more online customers, give me a call on 0434878819 or book an appointment below.