We'll hold down the fort and manage all of your information technology and communications.

Here is what we can do to empower your business:

Computer Health Monitoring

We monitor the health of many computers and with our tools we can pick up on an issue before it becomes a major concern. We are able to monitor; disk space, disk health, CPU usage, antivirus software, windows Update, memory usage, Windows Firewall, online state, Event logs, Windows Service and Processes.

Computer Security Service

Our security service is the most secure. We do all the research so you don’t have to. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends to give you the best security solution.

Remote Assistance

We are able to remotely log into a computer and make any adjustments right then and there, even if you are on the other side of the world.

IT Asset Tracking

We keep track of your IT assets. We keep a close eye on all the hardware and software on your devices. Asset tracking is great for standardising the software at a workplace so everyone is on the same page. See what version a piece of software is, and when it was installed or modified. Detect inappropriate software and eliminate risks.

Computer Repairs

We have a great deal of experience in building and fixing computers and we can tell within a few minutes if the issue is caused by the software or hardware (memory, temperature issues, graphics, disks issues or power supply to name a few).


Keeping a backup of your data is critical for a business. We can create the best backup solution for your business. We specialise in setting up and maintaining network-attached storage devices running in a redundant array of independent disks and also having an off-site backup in case of a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc).

Business Overview Diagram

A business uses many services in order to function and provide a service back to the people. We create and maintain a diagram for staff that clearly shows the details they need to know. On the diagram may be all the services (like networks, telephones, websites, etc) and how to troubleshoot if there is an issue. Let’s say a particular website is currently unreachable, but the staff use it to access their emails, they can clearly find contact details and tests to troubleshoot the issue.

Computer Cleaning

Dust and dirt can disable a computer entirely. They say a stitch in time saves nine, well regular computer cleaning saves time and money. On a recurring basis we take the computer apart and clean the insides to make sure it can function at top performance for as long as possible. Dust can carry a static charge and can cause a computer to short-circuit. Computers use fans to cool themselves so they don’t overheat. Dust can inhibit airflow, which prevents heat from being properly ventilated.